Welcome to Deadzone Paranormal Adventures

We are a non-profit organisation, professionally run by volunteers from various backgrounds and professions with various levels of experience and skills. We all share a common passion for all things spooky and scary.

We cover all aspects of the paranormal from hauntings to UFOs and all other unexplainable occurrences. Most of our investigations are team only, for the purpose of research as we seek to find answers to the many questions of this fascinating world and to capture evidence of the unknown.

Interested in the paranormal?

This is the place for you where you will find friendly experienced investigators who are here to help you in any way we can.

We are not in the entertainment side of the paranormal – we leave that to the big for profit commercial companies. We generally do not do public ghost hunts with a few exceptions such as assisting Jedburgh Castle Jail.

We absolutely love Jedburgh and its museums and for the past two year we have had the pleasure of giving a talk on the paranormal and a mini investigation for Jedburgh jail.

We are a small close group, and this allows us to invite one or two public along to our investigations as team members for the night. We also work alongside other teams/groups so if you are a small group and want to join us on location drop us a message. Currently we are working with Otherworld North East on various projects and recently been on location with Steve Crawford’s Darlington Ghost Hunters.

You can find us on Facebook where we have a group and page or alternatively email us.

Stay safe!

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