Event Terms and Conditions

In the event of you participating in a Deadzone Paranormal Adventures project element or event, you will be issued with a copy of the following Terms and Conditions which you will be required to agree to and sign before taking part.

  1. All our events are strictly for over 18 years of age participants;

  2. STRICTLY NO alcohol or drugs is to be consumed at an event. Anybody suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry and or be removed from an event. WITHOUT A REFUND!!!

  3. Smoking is strictly forbidden inside any event as UK law. Smoking areas will be made available to you at each event. Naked flames of any kind are forbidden at all events. You are advised to bring your own torches;

  4. Aggressive behaviour towards any team member and other guests will NOT be tolerated. You will be removed from the event in any such case arising. WITHOUT A REFUND!!!

  5. There are no sleeping facilities at any event, unless stated otherwise. You will be awake for the duration of the investigation. Please remember this and take care when driving. If you are tired stop and take a break or make an accommodation booking close to the event. We accept no liability for any accident or incident caused after the event;

  6. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to your personal belongings. All cars, bags, equipment and personal effects remain your responsibility whilst on the event. This includes any incident arising through spiritual or poltergeist activity;

  7. In the event of us having to cancel an event due to circumstances out of our control, you will be contacted and offered a place on another event or a complete refund of monies paid. We are not liable for any expenses you may incur such as accommodation bookings;

  8. Due to the nature of the locations we visit, and the weather conditions, you are strongly advised to wear sensible warm and dry clothing. Some events involve being outside in the elements. All events are conducted at night and can be very dark. You should wear suitable footwear as a lot of walking can be involved. We accept no responsibility for any injury sustained due to inappropriate clothing and footwear;

  9. Please do not wear any strong fragrances, these can effect and over power any paranormal smells we may encounter. If you have long hair you are advised to tie it back on the event;

  10. Unless directed by a member of our team you are not to work alone in any of the locations. You are to work at all times within the set teams. You will be given the opportunity to work in very small groups at an event and will be directed by a team member when it is safe to work alone. We accept no responsibility for any accident or injury arising to your selves outside the set parameter;

  11. We make no guarantees of paranormal activity at any event;

  12. You will act in a sensible manner throughout the event. You will not cause harm or injury to anybody else or their belongings. You will respect the location and venue, and cause no damage to it. Anybody disrupting the event will be removed from the location. WITHOUT A REFUND!!!

  13. No Paranormal stories or historical facts will be fabricated at any event. All paranormal stories will be of previously recorded phenomena at the location;

  14. Due to the restrictions at each location heavily pregnant woman are not allowed on any of our events. Some locations have no disabled access and we accept no responsibility for anybody arriving at an event and not being able to gain entry due to restricted access;

  15. When leaving an event, due to the time you agree to leave quietly and quickly, respecting the privacy of any nearby residents;

  16. You are attending the event at your own risk. We accept no liability for any accident, incident or injury arising to you however it may be caused. We encourage you to have your own third party public liability insurance, Deadzone Paranormal Adventures has its own public liability insurance but some of its policies may not be covered due to the fact that some of the location boundaries are beyond the normal public access categories;

  17. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you further indemnify Deadzone Paranormal Adventures and its staff from and against all legal liability in respect of any claims, damages, costs, penalties, demands, proceedings, actions, suits, losses or expenses in respect of or arising out of the injury to or the death of any person, or damage to any property arising from your participation in the activities at any attended event;

  18. It is your own responsibility to decipher the information you may receive and make a decision based on your own beliefs and not others around you. All services provided are for entertainment purposes only and mediumship has not yet been scientifically proven;

  19. These terms and conditions are non-negotiable.


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