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This page contains a list of site reports. Note we will only include reports here when given permission to do so, as we respect non-disclosure requests.

Niddry Street Vaults, Edinburgh

Dead Zone Paranormal Adventures visited the Niddry Street Vaults on a busy Saturday night in April 2012 to carry out an investigation into a possible haunting and to record any paranormal phenomenon that may take place at the location. Niddry Street is situated just of the High Street at the Junction of South Bridge...

Shieldhill Castle, Lanarkshire

Shieldhill has parts dating back to the 12th century but “the keep” is the part haunted by the grey lady thought to be a daughter of the Chancellor family who owned the house till the 1950s. The lady herself comes from the 17th century a time of religious persecution in Scotland and may have been driven to suicide after being molested by soldiers passing through the area.

Malmaison Hotel, Edinburgh

The Malmaison is a gorgeous 5 star luxury riverside hotel situated next to the entrance of Leith Docks, Edinburgh. And was formally a Sailor’s home the Sailor’s home was used to provide accommodation to the sailor’s whose ship was in port the building was even used as a house of ill repute for ladies of the night. The building is said to be haunted by many a ghostly sighting. Arthur’s Suite, aptly named for its view of Arthur’s Seat, is said to be one of the most haunted rooms in the hotel. Many guests have reported seeing someone stood in the room in the depth of the night! Objects have said to have been moved around in many of the rooms.

Jedburgh Castle Jail, Jedburgh

This was my first experience at the Jail before I founded Deadzone. I arrived in Jedburgh at around 18-00hrs and headed straight to the Spread eagle hotel for my evening meal. At 20-40hrs I headed up to the jail which took 20 minutes as the hill was steep and then I spent another 10 minutes trying to find my way in so at 21-10hrs I finally arrived. The building looked fantastic in the dark...

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