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DEADZONE Paranormal Adventures take part in a number of paranormal investigations and projects. Unfortunately, we cannot detail the majority here due to confidentiality. Where we can, we will post updates here on those that we can relay information on.

Jedburgh Castle Jail and Museum

Jedburgh Castle Gaol is situated at the top of Castle Gate overlooking the town the castle is thought to of been built in the early 12th century consisting of a wooden motte and bailey construction. Over the next 2 centuries ownership of the castle changed hands repeatedly between the scots and English until 1409 by now a stone structure was demolished and later the Jedburgh gallows was on the site....

Figure? on the battlement

Anomalous images

A selection of potentially anomalous images, or those that we find interesting but can explain.

Figure? on the battlement

Project reports

A selection of our site reports. Note these are ones that we are allowed to share publically, as we respect non-disclosure when requested.

Project videos

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