Report: Jedburgh Jail (2009)

Investigation date: 4th April 2009

This was my first experience at the Jail before I founded Deadzone.


Jedburgh jail was built on the former site of Jethart Castle. Once a Victorian prison it is now a local museum housing local history and imprisonment information. For more information see our Project page.

Our investigation

Jedburgh 2009I arrived in Jedburgh at around 18-00hrs and headed straight to the Spread eagle hotel for my evening meal. At 20-40hrs I headed up to the jail which took 20 minutes as the hill was steep and then I spent another 10 minutes trying to find my way in so at 21-10hrs I finally arrived. The building looked fantastic in the dark.

The even was organised and run by NWSS. After I signed in Tricia took me through into what was an old day room of the prison where we met up with everyone else. Present was Tricia, Joe (her dad and NWSS crew), Hilary (NWSS), Joyce (NWSS), Eddie (medium), Craig (Eddies son). Yet again there was only three paying attendees me and two females and on first impressions I did not think they were very interested.

At 21-15hrs we went on a walk round with the lights on so we could get a feel for the place and Eddie really disappointed me he did not tell us what he was picking up but instead asked us to tell him what we felt or what images we got into our head.

However! Myself and Joe got headaches which went away as soon as we moved on the two females felt nothing and Hilary felt ill but that passed and new feelings came and went as we moved through the jail. Some of the cells were darker than others and we could feel the atmosphere change as we walked.

We had a short break then got the lights out and headed back up to the cells but I found the place very welcoming and it became apparent the other attendees were not very interested at all.

Jedburgh Jail at nightTricia explained the equipment to the two females and I took a crystal and disappeared into a cell. While in the cell I tried to see if any spirits were present twice I got a yes but also got a no when I asked if they wanted to talk to me. 15 minutes later Joe came and joined me in the cell the rest were messing around and Joe was impressed that I had taken the initiative to sit on my own out the way. He brought in a K2 emf meter and rods straight away we got a spirit to communicate it was a 13year old boy called Kristofer imprisoned for stealing potatoes so he could sell them. We spent an hour with the rods and the spirit before following the others down for a break.

After the break we headed back up the stairs I went on my own again this time to a different area of the Jail and sat in a cell. For the hour I sat there absolutely nothing happened no noises, no shadows and no feelings ZILCH!!!! Eventually Joe came to find me and we headed for another break. On returning downstairs it was apparent I was the only one genuinely interested.

Again we went back up stairs this time over to the Mary Queen of Scots display I was the only person willing to place my hand on her chair to see what I picked up. I got a vision of a gaslight which when focused properly was a large candle on the wall in a large room with an open fire just after I told Eddie what I was getting the K2 EMF meter started flashing and I suddenly felt very warm as if I was standing in front of that fire. I was feeling so hot I had to unzip my coat and step away from the display. We moved upstairs and Joe, I and the two females tried the planchette. It started to move but only in my direction and we had to keep moving it back. Eventually Joe said it looks like I was the only person truly interested and focused so there was no point in continuing so it was agreed the ghost hunt at Jedburgh was over.

Joe and Tricia ran me back down to the hotel. In all honesty the Jail disappointed me it was not as active or frightening as expected. I even returned during the day for a walk round on my own and it just felt the same nothing paranormal.

Maybe one day I will return for another ghost hunt who knows I may actually find something paranormal.

Jedburgh Jail dowsing, 2009

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