Report: Malmaison Hotel, Edinburgh

Investigation date: 25th October 2008

History and reported paranormal activity

The Malmaison is a gorgeous 5 star luxury riverside hotel situated next to the entrance of Leith Docks, Edinburgh. And was formally a Sailor’s home the Sailor’s home was used to provide accommodation to the sailor’s whose ship was in port the building was even used as a house of ill repute for ladies of the night. The building is said to be haunted by many a ghostly sighting. Arthur’s Suite, aptly named for its view of Arthur’s Seat, is said to be one of the most haunted rooms in the hotel. Many guests have reported seeing someone stood in the room in the depth of the night! Objects have said to have been moved around in many of the rooms.

Our investigation

MalmaisonWell the weather was wet and windy when I arrived in Edinburgh got to the hotel about 3-45 pm I checked in and was given the port of Leith suite probably because it looks onto the port the room is lovely and warm and the bathroom is amazing there’s is even a TV in there so you can soak and watch TV. Its now 6-50 pm and darkness has settled in and with the rain hitting the windows the wind howling and the low lighting in here(not sussed out how to switch all the lights on yet) the corners in the room have became spooky. I have just finished my evening meal a mal burger with fries mmmmm wasn’t too keen on the burger but everything else was fantastic.

At 9pm I headed down to the lobby armed with my torch, digital camera and digital voice recorder. I was met by everyone who was also taking part in the event. Present were Tricia and Graeme (NWSS crew and event organisers), Bryan Boyle (NWSS medium) also present were Richard and Ulna (competition winners from local radio station).

After a brief introduction and talk from Bryan (who said the place was flat) we started our walk around at the top of the hotel in Arthur’s suite, In this room Bryan immediately picked up a woman lying dead on the bed, a smartly dressed gent who was murdering a woman he also picked up on another male who had been hung in the room Bryan also described the room when it was used for prostitution and how the people who ran this tricked young innocent girls up to the room and forced them into group sex acts and orgies. Outside this room Bryan created the circle and asked the Angel of light to protect us. We headed down to Tricia’s room where Bryan felt very little but picked up on children playing and a musketeer (early French soldier) in this room Bryan also picked up on the sailors who used it as a home. When Bryan said he felt nothing more we headed down into the Port of Leith suite (my room and this was when Tricia informed me this was one of the other most haunted rooms in the hotel) Bryan could feel nothing in this room except the gent from Arthur’s suite who Bryan said his name was James brown after which we returned to our briefing room at the lobby for a chat and break Graeme confirmed with Bryan the things he had been correct on.

After a short break we went back up into Arthur’s suite and tried to communicate with the smartly dressed man with no success so we tried using the glass and the planchette but got no response only feeling Bryan got was a chill over both his legs and Richard complained about his back being cold. With no success here we moved to Tricia’s room and tried the glass and again no response. We decided to try the planchette with very little success it looked as though it was going to move and then stopped. However!!! When Bryan tried to speak French the lights on the EMF meter suddenly lit all the way up

We tried to find a natural source for this phenomenon but with no luck. In the Port of Leith suite we got absolutely nothing with the glass or planchette and the EMF meter picked nothing up so we stopped for a break.

Bryan opened the table for questions and I, Richard and Ulna took the opportunity to find out about Bryans ability and what happened on other events. It was fascinating listening to Bryan’s story and Tricia and Graeme describe being strangled/hit and doors opening and closing in front of them at various locations.

We decided that it would be a good idea to return to Arthur’s suite and try a séance as that was the only room Bryan felt the most activity. I went and stood in the far end beside a bath Tricia sat on a chair at the end of the bath, Richard and Ulna both sat on the bed, Graeme went and stood in the bathroom, and Bryan sat on the chair looking directly towards me in the corner. The highlight of the night was surely Bryan jumping with fright he had not noticed me head into that corner and with us only using torches for light he flashed his torch around the room and caught a glimpse of me and jumped everyone laughed except Bryan he said that was twice I had caught him off guard.

Richard said his back had gone cold and Bryan told him yes that dead woman has just sat up and moved in between you and Ulna. Bryan asked if any astral beings were present would they come forward and speak to us Richard said his back was cold. We started asking yes/no response questions and soon it became apparent that Richards back was going extremely cold to absolutely yes answers and cold for yes answers and nothing for no. We managed to find out that the smartly dressed gent was called Rupert. I kept in mind that I am a sceptic and Richard could be making it up but Bryan felt that Richard was being honest and we were witnessing an answer on demand situation with Richard being the recipient. Graeme felt as though he was not alone in the bathroom so went and sat on the floor beside the bed I was beginning to tire so moved down beside Tricia and sat down Graeme suddenly shouted “bloody hell there’s a dark figure sitting beside Tricia” Tricia replied” yes its Chris” And we all laughed Graeme said “I thought he was over beside the bath” Everybody laughed and both Bryan and Tricia commented on how quietly I move around and how frightening it can be.

MalmaisonAt this point it was decided it was late and very unlikely would we get much more response and called it a night. We headed back to the briefing room and Bryan closed the circle wishing us all good health and protection. We all said goodnight and headed to our rooms.

The time was now 3am so I left my voice recorder on record while I slept and on checking it there is some unexplainable noises and bangs during the course of the night as well as the wind and rain. When I awoke in the morning nothing was out of place the room was the same as it was when I went to sleep. Also there is an odd EVP from Arthur’s suite where someone repeats the word cold over the top of Bryan and Richards’s conversation.

Graeme later confirmed James Brown he was an Architect who designed the original building his grave can be found in Edinburgh.

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